Thursday, November 27, 2008


SAYONARA GIVE AWAY: everything must go!!!

Everything for free. You just pay for transportation.

Carmen del Campo 080-3080-4989 (
My address: T168-0064, Tokyo. Suginami ku, Eifuku 2-26-6-101

Need transportation?

Check this out!

サンクール 熊谷 様 (Kumagaya san)
TEL: 090-3042-6436
(You can say you got introduced by Fukuda san, from Valencia Office, otherwise he will not understand why you are interested in his service. He lives in Chiba area, therefore could be more expensive than others in Tokyo for fuel price and so on, but according to my friend his prices are OK -much better than moving companies- and he is very trustworthy)

Otherwise, you can look for another one in following website:

Small fridge with freezer
Color: grey
Size: 93*47*45

Available: 18 December

Washing Machine
Color: White
Size: 85*50*50 (45liters)

Available: Not available anymore (for ANDREA TEMES)

Color: Black
Size 70*45*47

Available: anytime from now

Hanger for laundry
Color: Grey
Size: 130, diameter: 80

Available: Not available anymore (for DAHLIA LENG)